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Get deeper insight and detail into the gas market from the Permian to the eastern seaboard.

OPIS PointLogic's new Texas and Southeast gas market coverage provides models, analysis, news and forecasts into the highly complex market spanning from the Permian, through Texas to the eastern seaboard. The daily and weekly coverage coupled with website access to historical data offers the necessary sub-market coverage that you need to give you a truly clear picture into this growing area of interest in the gas industry.  

Request a trial to get access to the daily, weekly and online data as a part of our beta trial before it's available to add to a tiered subscription.

You'll get:

  • TX/SE Daily (HTML + PDF delivery)
    Morning delivery to begin each trading day knowing both the macro and micro fundamentals impacting numerous regions, markets and sub-markets within the Permian, Texas and Southeast. The latest weather forecast helps know what daily demand by sector may look like for the next two weeks.
  • Online data files and website module
    Dynamic access to various time periods of summarized data both regionally and sub-regionally with the ability download the related data into Excel. The regional website module is updated throughout the day as new pipeline scheduled quantities become available, given you access to near real-time market insight.
  • TX/SE Weekly (HTML + PDF delivery)
    A PDF similar to the Daily report format, but with a lot more in-depth data elements not available in the Daily. The weekly report also includes specialized market insight analysis stories and important news related stories within the region from the past week.

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